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Rooftop Solar stand alone power system

This 48V stand alone / off grid solar generation storage system with 15KWh of back up Lithium battery storage and an auto start generator set up to perform the following functionalities

  • start when the battery is at 80% depth of discharge
  • start when the load is greater than 4000W for 20 sec and stop when the load falls below 4000W
  • This system, located at Nanango was designed and installed by our qualified and experienced solar technicians. The below table gives you a brief description of the system and its components.

    48V 8.1KW Solar Generation Stand Alone Power System

    System Design
    Jinko Solar Panels 28 x 290W
    System Components
    Victron MPPT Solar Regulator 1 x 250V, 60A
    Victron Easy Solar
    • 5000VA inverter
    • 70A Charger
    • 150V, 100A MPPT Regulator
    • Color Control GX Monitor
    • Transfer Switch for up to 23KW Genset Input
    Battery Bank Size
    BYD B-Box Lithium Batteries 6 x 2.5KWh Batteries housed in 2 IP55 rated Cabinets