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Deep Cycle & Lithium Batteries

Forbes Batteries & Electronics is your Local one stop shop in Toowoomba & Darling Downs for all your Deep Cycle Battery requirements. Deep cycle batteries are very efficient energy storage units. They work when a chemical reaction occurs that develops a voltage that results in electricity. Deep Cycle Batteries are designed to be 'cycled' (discharged and recharged) many times over. If you're looking for a battery for solar and renewable energy or a battery for camping - you're looking for a Deep Cycle Battery. We at Forbes Batteries have a wide range of AGM, Gel, Lead Carbon & Lithium batteries. After years of in house testing with different battery brands, we at Forbes Batteries feel that these Brands Enerdrive Lithium, Amptech, Drypower Lithium, Pylontech Lithium of batteries are reliable for camping, trailers, campervans, 4 wheel drives, caravans etc.

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