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Dual Battery System

Forbes Batteries & Electronics is your Local one stop shop in Toowoomba & Darling Downs for all your Dual Battery System requirements. The present-day 4WD's & AWD's are needed to function beyond what they are originally designed to do and the added power demand created by fridges, caravans, lighting and entertainment systems may mean a serious upgrade to the vehicle's electrical system is in order. Running a fridge from the standard electrical circuit via the cigarette lighter socket may be fine for the occasional weekend away but if you're going on tour or camping then it's time to think about a dual battery system.

The aim of a dual or auxiliary battery system is twofold. The absolute priority is to protect the vehicles starting (cranking) battery from being flattened and thus rendering the car unable to be started. The second aim is to provide an auxiliary 12 volt supply - to power all those accessories that make life in camp so much easier.

When we add a dual battery system to a vehicle we try and maintain two distinct systems . The primary system contains the starting (cranking) battery and the alternator (which provides battery recharging and will eventually provide charging to both batteries) and all the electronics required to keep the car operational.

We at Forbes Batteries & Electronics keep stock of a range of Dual Battery Systems, Products & Packages to suit all 4WD automobiles & AWD automobiles from Top brands like Enerdrive, Redarc & Much more.

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