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Description Key Features
Optima Red Top Battery (25)

Product Features
* Volts: 12
* CCA @ -18 Deg: 720
* RC at 25 Deg: 90
* Dimensions: 238mm x 175mm x 198mm
* TH: 198
* Wet Weight: 14.5 kg
* Warranty: 36 months

OPTIMA 25, 8025-160, 9025-160, 27925, RED25, SC25A, or N9925RED

OPTIMA REDTOP 25 Ultra high-performance SPIRALCELL TECHNOLOGY AGM (absorbent glass mat) battery with reliable cranking power for your auto, car or truck and twice the life. The OPTIMA REDTOP will outperform and outlast traditional batteries in demanding cranking/starting applications. The ultimate high-CCA starting battery for vehicles that have alternators capable of keeping up with all electrical loads.

If you have demanding electrical accessory loads such as winches, audio systems, and other devices - take a look at the YELLOWTOP product line.

The OPTIMA model number for this battery is 25. If you are replacing an OPTIMA battery you already have, this model is the same as batteries marked 8025-160, 9025-160, 27925, RED25, SC25A, or N9925RED.

Warranty: 3 years private use, all OPTIMA have their warranty details on the top label and are honoured by the warranty stated on that label.


CCA (BCI 0F):720 amps
MCA (BCI 32F):910 amps

Recommended Charging

The following charging methods are recommended to ensure a long battery life:
(Always use a voltage regulated charger with voltage limits set as described below.)

Model: 25 and 35
These batteries are designed for engine starting applications. They are not recommended or warranted for use in deep cycle applications.

Recommended Charging Information

Alternator:13.3 to 15.0 volts; no amperage limit
Battery Charger:13.8 to 15.0 volts; 10 amps maximum; 6-12 hours approximate
Float Charge:13.2 to 13.8 volts; 1 amp maximum current (indefinite time at lower voltages)
Rapid Recharge (Constant voltage charger):Maximum voltage 15.6 volts. No current limit as long as battery temperature remains below 125F (51.7C). Charge until current drops below 1 amp. All limits must be strictly adhered to.