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Phone Repairs

Forbes Batteries offers genuine replacement parts and quality workmanship that is second to none in the Darling Downs when it comes to repairing your smart phones, mobile phones and tablets. We offer a whole host of repairing services such as changing cracked, damaged or broken screens, checking and changing charge ports, replacing phone batteries, speaker, and microphone faults and checking and repairing any issues caused due to water damage. We also provide comprehensive, accurate reports for insurance claims. Be it an iPhone, Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC or any other brand, we will get them fixed for you. Our technician only sources the best OEM parts to be used in our repairs of the most popular smart phones. We provide all phone repairs at exceptional quality, quick turnaround times while maintaining, cheap, affordable prices.

For an Enquiry or To make a Booking, Please Contact us at (07) 4632 6806

Why Choose Us?

Quality Workmanship

We pride ourselves on maintaining a high standard of workmanship when handling your phones and accessories.

Competitive Pricing

Our prices are fair, competitive and we offer warranty for peace of mind.

Quick Turnaround

We know how important your phone is and we waste no time getting it fixed and returned.

What Do We Do?

Cracked Screens

Accidents happen, we can assess the damage on any iPhone, Android, and Windows phone or Tablet and replace your cracked, damaged or broken screen in no time.

Charge Ports

Are you having trouble charging your phone? We can check the charge port on any iPhone, Android, and Windows phone or Tablet and repair the charging port for you.

Speaker & Microphone Faults

Having trouble talking on the phone? Sound and communication issues can be amended on any iPhone, Android, and Windows phone or Tablet by repairing speaker and microphone faults.

Battery Replacements

If your battery keeps running low with minimal use you may be in need of a replacement. We keep stock of any iPhone, Android, and Windows phone or Tablet and can replace the battery for you in no time.

Insurance Reports

If your device is insured we can develop an accurate report for any repair on any iPhone, Android, and Windows phone or Tablet in conjunction with you insurance company.

Brands We Repair

We frequently repair: Apple and Samsung

If purchased through Telstra, we also repair: LG, ZTE, Telstra, Google, Sony and HTC.

Do you have a different brand?

That's okay, we will gladly inspect any phone you have, simply bring it by the store and talk to our experts.

Our Repair Tech

Our highly experienced technician can repair any damage to your phone from cracked screens to water damage.


7+ years experience repairing phone hardware.

Contact Us

(07) 4632 6806