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Sacred Sun 48V 1440AH battery bank
Sacred Sun 48V 1440AH battery bank

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Product Code: FCP48V1000AH


Neuton Power lead carbon battery is designed for renewable sources such as Solar & Wind Power. This advanced lead carbon battery from the japanese Furukawa battery company is made to produce high performance.

Key Features

  • lead carbon technology
  • improves the charge acceptance capability
  • reduce the negative plate sulphation
  • more suitable for PSoC applications
  • Advanced manufacturing technology
  • Modular Design & installation
  • Racking for batteries included
Battery Specifications
Nominal Voltage (per Battery in V) 2
Capacity (Ah)@10Hr 1000
Capacity (Ah)@100Hr 1440
Length (mm) 303
Width (mm) 172
Height (mm) 508
Weight (Kg) 75
Battery Bank Specifications
System Voltage (V) 48
No of Batteries 24
Rack 2

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