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Solar Packages

Forbes Batteries & Electronics is your Local one stop shop in Toowoomba & Darling Downs for all your Solar Package requirements. Be it Solar Panels for your Caravan, Off-grid/Stand Alone, Grid-Connect, Grid-Tied, or Solar&Battery Solar Packages for your homes, offices, buildings, industries and farms we at Forbes Batteries have got you covered with our range of different packages tailor made to suit your needs.

What We Do

  • Grid & Hybrid Packages

    Lower Energy Costs : Despite the initial costs, you can save on energy bills from the first month of using solar
    Receive rebates from your Electricity provider for every Kilo Watt fed back into the grid
    Option to add batteries and store the surplus solar for usage at Night. (Additional Inverter may be required)
    Reduced Carbon Foot print
    With over 250 days of Sunshine in Queensland, makes even more sense to produce your own Green and Clean Energy
  • Off Grid Packages

    Suitable for people with no access to the grid
    Quality, Reliable products from Victron with a 5 year Warranty
    Highly efficient and durable solar panels with 25 years Performance Warranty
    Easy to Use with a Central Color Display Monitoring System
    Ongoing Support and Back Up at every step
    Systems Designed to be highly efficient in performance and reliability
    Systems Designed to be Economical in terms of Cost
  • Pre-Wired Off Grid Cabinets

    15A, 30A, 35A and 45A Systems
    Optional Victron inverter & battery monitor
    Easy installation with plug & play for solar panels and batteries
  • Caravan Packages

    Victron Energy Management System
    Inverter / Charger, Solar Controller, Battery Monitor, CCGX Monitor
    Maximise solar energy storage with reliable Victron products

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