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SunGEL 24V,800Ah, 19.2KWh, Battery bank
SunGEL 24V,800Ah, 19.2KWh, Battery bank

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Key Features

  • Developed by Battery Energy and CSIRO for remote energy storage applications.
  • Superior life under varying extreme climatic conditions.
  • High performance, long life active material and robust thick plate technology.
  • Specially designed corrosion resistant alloys.
  • Hi tech gel formulation to prevent ‘dryout’ of electrolyte.
  • 100% cell testing to ensure reliable performance.
  • Excellent recovery from deep discharge.
  • The highest quality standards – ISO9001 accredited.
  • Complies with AS 4029.2, AS 4086.1, IEC 60896 21&22, IEC 896.2 (1900 Cycles) design standards.
Battery Specifications
Nominal Voltage (per Battery in V) 12
Capacity (Ah) 180
Length (mm) 560
Width (mm) 125
Height (mm) 325
Weight (Kg) 59


  • ABS UL94V-0 flame retardant container.
  • High purity lead and analytical grade sulphuric acid.
  • Corrosion and sulphation resistant alloys.
  • Pressure relief safety valve.
  • Female insert terminals encapsulated in epoxy.


  • High performance, reliability and long life.
  • Provides long, reliable service without the need for frequent maintenance.
  • Features very low float currents and high operating efficiency.
  • Ideal solution for all sites in remote and difficult access regions.


  • Fully office compatible.
  • No risk of acid spillage as it is encapsulated in the gel.
  • Built in ceramic filter to prevent spark ingress through the safety valve.
  • Do not operate in the vicinity of naked flames.