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Forbes Batteries & Electronics is your Local one stop shop in Toowoomba & Darling Downs for all your UPS System requirements. We keep a range of UPS Systems on stock to suit all your storage and back up power requirements.

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Downtime is unacceptable and costly. But getting 100% uptime is impossible when you have your hardware connected to AC Power. Power surges and shut downs are the most common causes of data loss, and computer hardware damage.

In today’s technology rich world, it is essential now more than ever, to be able to protect your data from power surges, power outages, and brown outs.

Studies by IBM show that approximately 45% of all data loss is caused by power problems damaging your hardware, or destroying physical drives and backups.

This same principal applies to networking as well. Did you know that approximately 34% of network downtime is caused by bad power sources?

This can all be improved, if not avoided, by using a UPS system (Uninterruptable Power Supply) connected to your fileserver, network, or even your home/office workstation.

A UPS works by use of an internal battery, and smart hardware/software that switches to battery power from mains power when an outage is detected.

UPS Systems also help to eliminate 99% of all brownout/power surge related hardware resets, which can be damaging to hardware, causing downtime, and more often than not, severe data loss. They can also be frustrating, not allowing you enough time to save your data and safely shut down your computer hardware in case of AC Power loss.

A UPS gives you valuable minutes to save your data and shut down your hardware safely. UPS Systems also have built in high quality surge protectors, which means your hardware and data are kept safely isolated from mains even in the event of a local lightning strike.

UPS Systems are also a must for connecting things like modems, routers, and network hardware to avoid downtime online, and damage to network hardware.

For a small fraction of the cost of diagnosing and repairing a network failure in even a small office network, you can purchase a UPS system that protects your network from blackouts, brownouts, and lightning strikes. Even a small UPS system can save you thousands in computer hardware replacement and data loss.

Protect yourself and your business from power disasters before they happen, and arm your business with high quality UPS systems from Forbes Batteries Toowoomba.

Our friendly staff will guide you through choosing the right UPS system for every application, whether it be for a single machine at home, or several UPS systems for business networks and enterprises.

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