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Product Code: ISC-3030

  • Description

    The new Voltech ISC-3030 solar charge controller is an efficient, low cost and reliable solar charge controller. At 30 amps it is still feature packed but low cost for the more basic setups where a timer function is not needed. It uses regulated charge rates to safely and correctly charge your battery and prevent overcharging and discharging of your battery. No need to use two separate units for 12 or 24 volt systems. The Voltech ISC-3030 is a two in one system that can accept both 12 and 24 Volt input and automatically detects the Voltage.

    No need to install extra diodes to prevent discharge as the regulator has circuitry that prevents current flowing back and protects your battery. The Voltech ISC-3030 can be left permanently connected as its maintenance mode ensures your battery stays at the correct level to be properly maintained and kept from discharging when charging is complete. LCD screen allows for easy operation and cables are easily connected and safely protected.

    The Voltech ISC-3030 has a 3 stage charging system, and is the ideal choice for your solar panel system.


    Suitable for: Camping, caravans, four wheel drive, camper trailers, RVs, battery back up & telecommunications etc.

    • Auto Input Detect
    • High efficiency
    • Electronic blocking
    • LCD display
    • 12/24 Volts

    Dimensions: 169 X 97 X 44mm


    System voltage: 12V (24V)

    Nominal power: 360 Watts (720Watts)

    No load current: <20mA (40mA)

    Max PV open circuit voltage: <47Volts

    Maximum input current: 30A

    Maximum load current: 30A

    Float voltage: 13.4V - 14.2V (26.9V - 28.4V)

    Bulk voltage: 14.4V (28.8V)

    Low voltage reconnect: 12.5V (25V)

    Low voltage disconnect: 11 - 11.5 (22V - 23V)

    Operating temperature: -20 deg - +50 deg C

    Terminal: 16 mm2/25 mm2 - AWG 6/4

    Efficiency: 98%